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We at Page Roofing & Contracting Services have established ourselves as leading roof repair and roof replacement company in the Martinez, Georgia and surrounding areas. We are a reputable company that can meet all of your replacement and repair needs. We know that our clients desire the highest quality of work and dependable service, which we proudly deliver! We can fix more than just roofing problems. Our span of knowledge spreads to siding, gutters, drywall and flooring too!

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Why Choose Us:

  • We are local and veteran owned.
  • We offer a solid 10-year labor warranty for all of your roof replacement clients, showing our strong desire for customer satisfaction.
  • We are licensed and insured in the state of Georgia.
  • We can help you file those difficult or tedious insurance claims.

Things to do in Martinez, Georgia

Martinez, Georgia is known for its part in the start of the Augusta Canal. The head gates made use of the power of the Savannah River, delivering transportation and water to the city. The dam played a role in springing up factories along the canal as well, transforming the city to one of recognition in the southern region.

Today the history of the canal can be found in the Columbia County Visitor’s Center, in addition to other artifacts that tell the story of the history of Martinez. The Visitor’s Center can be found in the renovated Lockkeeper’s Cottage. Outside of the cottage is the original Dance Pavilion that has been renovated as well as the BBQ pit, which dates back to 1880 and the Dining Shed, dating back to 1935.

Visitors and residents who wish to be active can head over to the canal trail, which leads into downtown Augusta. Canal boat tours and canoe rentals are also available for those who wish to float along the river. Learn more about the nature in the area by visiting the Reed Creek area and at the Reed Creek Wetlands and Interpretative Center.

Roofing Contractor in Martinez GA Installs New Roof

Page Roofing and Contracting Services was recently hired as the roofing contractor to perform a new roof installation for a residential roofing customer in Martinez, GA.

The existing roof on the two-story home was aging. There were a couple of leaks in the house and some of the shingles were missing. The homeowner knew it was time to have the roof replaced but was apprehensive about cost. He did a google search for affordable roofing companies nearby, found us and gave us a call for an estimate.

We arrived the next morning to look at his roof and discussed his concerns. He wondered how much it would cost to have his roof installed in Martinez. He was surprised at our quote because it was quite a bit more competitive than what another contractor bid on a neighboring house. We told him that several factors play into how much it will cost to replace a roof, including size of the roof, pitch, roofing materials and type of job performed (roof replacement, reroofing, etc.). We also explained that labor for a new roof should make up about 60 to 65 percent of the total cost with the remaining amount covering materials, disposal and any additional fees.

We broke down the roofing bid by each category for him and he was impressed and asked us to go ahead and do the job. He was surprised because he expected to have to pay much more.

The new roof installation took a day to complete and the new asphalt shingle roof looks great.

New architectural roof replacement and insurance restoration

We recently took on a new architectural roof replacement and insurance restoration in Martinez, Georgia for a nice young family.

The home was recently subjected to a recent storm with high winds and heavy rain, which caused a gigantic tree branch to fall on their roof, which led to roof damage and leaking. We happened to be working in the area at this time and the homeowner had previously noticed our sign so he reached out to us asking if we could help.

Because we were already working nearby, we were able to quickly assess the problem. The client decided to hire us and we helped them to coordinate all necessary documentation with the insurance company so they could submit the claim without trouble. The claim was approved the next day by the insurance company and we got to work right away.

By the end of the week, we had repaired the family’s roof damage and successfully reroofed the home.

The client reached out to us later, expressing their gratitude for helping them with the initial claims process and for the beautiful new roof they now have. They also said that they were impressed that we were able to complete the work so quickly and without leaving old roofing debris all over their property.

We are truly grateful you asked us to help with your reroofing and storm damage! Thank you for trusting Page Roofing & Contracting Services!

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