Get a New Roof for the Same Cost As Roof Repair


Get a New Roof for the Same Cost As Roof Repair

In the Augusta GA area, storms can be a problem, tearing through the area and damaging your roof with high winds, severe rain, and even hail. These weather conditions will tear off shingles, break vents, and cause leaks all the way through to roof decking or even interior walls. Once the storm is over, it’s time to think about repairing your roof so your home is protected from the next storm. This is where August GA’s most reputable roofers, Page Roofing & Contracting, can help.

Did you know that for the same cost for getting a repair of a few shingles on your roof, you can get a whole new roof? It’s true! And your homeowners insurance will pay for your new roof. But you can’t do it alone.

“Page Roofing & Contracting will work for you with your insurance company to get your roof fully replaced, not just repaired!”

This is what we’ve been doing in Columbia County and the greater Augusta GA area for years. Let’s take a look at our process for navigating insurance claims and getting your roof replaced after a major storm.

Wait. Will my insurance really pay for a new roof?

Absolutely! The key is to file a claim after a storm has blown through the neighborhood when your roof has storm damage, not just wear. We all know insurance companies hate paying out money, so they won’t approve a claim for damage due to regular old wear and tear or lack of maintenance, but a storm is something nobody can control, so it’s covered. Most insurance companies break it down into damage from wind, water, or hail, but they will approve damage due to weather after a large storm.

Will my homeowners insurance premiums go up if I get a new roof after a storm?

No, your premiums won’t go up! Your insurance will pay a licensed roofing contractor to get storm damage on your roof repaired, but a skilled roofing company can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to maximize your claim. Reputable roofers can fully replace your roof using the same insurance claim as storm repair. How does that work?

Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

There’s a big difference between storm damage repair to your roof and a full roof replacement after as storm.

Storm Damage Repair

Predatory roof companies will take your money and make, say, $200 worth of repairs by replacing your shingles only in the spots where they’re lifted or torn away. After the next storm, they’ll come by again and try to get another few hundred out of you by doing the same thing, but these aren’t permanent fixes and the repairs don’t look great. Disreputable roofers will also offer to cover the deductible for you, which is illegal and can leave you open to fines!
We’ve all seen those roofs with patches of different colored shingles, which not only looks bad but also doesn’t fully protect your home. While lifted or torn away shingles are fixed, water can still seep in around the edges of the patch, and your roof will need replacement later on. Remember, insurance doesn’t pay for this kind of replacement, so homeowners have to pay out of pocket for that.

“Let Page Roofing & Contracting Services replace your roof for the same price as repairs, all using your insurance to pay for it!”

A full roof replacement is the only real repair that will save your roof after a serious storm. Instead of patchy repairs, the Page Roofing & Contracting Services team can replace your entire roof from the decking all the way to new, custom architectural shingles, including things like flashing, vents, and drip edges. With a brand new roof, your home is protected for decades instead of months.

The Roof Replacement Insurance Claims Process

Our unique process negotiates with your homeowners insurance company to pay for a full roof replacement for the same price as those patchy repairs. Let’s look at how it works.

  • First, we complete a roof inspection documenting all storm damage. Our experts can determine what counts as wind or hail damage to better document things for the insurance company.
  • We consult with our valued homeowners to explain all damage, go over steps to file a claim, and pick the design and color of your new roof! (This is the fun part.)
  • You file a claim with your homeowners insurance company about the storm damage to the roof. (We can help guide you through this process)
  • We meet the insurance adjusters with you and advocate for you. Remember, the adjusters work for the insurance company, so they’ll underestimate damage unless you have a licensed roofer there to catch all damage, even easily “missed” damage to gutters or roof edges.
  • The insurance company uses its proprietary pricing information to approve or deny coverage for roof repairs. Our roofing experts will negotiate with the insurance company and fight to get you the best claim possible.
  • The insurance company will approve an amount, usually over your deductible, and then share the scope of work to be performed. Sometimes this process can take a bit, but our experts will fight for the appropriate scope of work.
  • We will invoice your insurance company, so you don’t have to worry about that or pay anything out of pocket. Again, we’re experienced with negotiating with insurance companies, and we work hard to make everything as smooth as possible for the homeowner.
  • After you pay your deductible and everything is settled, we can start replacing your roof!

Your Trusted Columbia County GA Roofers

Page Roofing & Contracting Services is the trusted roofing company in Columbia County communities like Grovetown GA, Evans GA, and Augusta GA because we fight for our Georgia homeowners. We won’t accept anything less than full coverage of all roofing work from your insurance company, and we maximize your claim to get you the most for your money. We won’t just perform roof repairs, but fully replace your roof to protect your investment for 30 years or more. On top of that, all our work is fully guaranteed!

If your roof has storm damage, contact Page Roofing & Contracting Services right away! We’ll be right out with a free roof inspection and estimate.

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