Top 5 Roof Repair Problems in Augusta GA

Top 5 Roof Repair Problems in Augusta GA

Roof problems can seriously reduce the life of your roof and, if left untreated, go on to cause major structural damage to your property. Luckily, the experts at Page Roofing and Contracting are familiar with the most common types of roofing problems in Augusta, Georgia. Let’s look at these problems and discover what Page Roofing can do for you.

Roof Leakage and Moisture Damage

Your roofing is designed to keep moisture from entering the structure of the building, but if roofing fails, then water can leak in and wreak havoc. Moisture can enter into the roofing materials themselves, causing them to fail and cause leaks. Roof leaks let water into the under-roofing and the structure of the building. Choosing the proper roofing materials for your particular climate and type of building is key to preventing leaks.

Weathering Problems like Tenting and Cracking

Weather can also cause problems with many different kinds of roofing materials. Shingles can be lifted, ripped up, or shifted by wind. This then lets in moisture, which can cause problems like tenting, where shingles lift up in the middle. Any movement of shingles then causes leaks, leading to moisture damage. Excessive heat like in intense Georgia summers can cause some roofing to crack as well, which lets moisture into the material and causes leaks.

Improper Installation

A major problem that leads to roofing failure is shoddy workmanship when the roofing materials are first installed. Roofing needs to be applied with a very specific set of steps that prime and seal your building to make sure the roofing is weather-tight. Property owners won’t need to worry about this with the roofing experts at Page Roofing & Contracting.

Lack of Maintenance

Most property owners think of roofs as a “set it and forget it” type of construction, but roofing requires maintenance just like any other type of construction. The key is to understand the signs of small problems like pockets of moisture or lifted shingles. If untreated, these can blossom into serious issues. Proper roofing maintenance ensures that your roof will last for decades. Property owners should inspect their roofs at least twice a year to catch any small issues. Some issues can be easily fixed by homeowners, but the roofing experts at Page Roofing & Contracting are there to help with regular roofing maintenance.

Improper Roof Repairs

Most times, the lowest initial price does not always equate to the lowest cost roof repair long term.  When the roofer users subpar building materials or cuts other corners to save costs its the homeowner that pays in the long term.  We have also seen some very creative DIY roof repair jobs completed by the home owner and in most cases, that also leads to more extensive water damage and repair needs.  Try to keep these things in mind when evaluating your next roof repair estimate.

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